dishwasher use

How to use the dishwasher correctly? We present simple tricks

How to use the dishwasher correctly? We present simple tricks

More and more Poles have dishwashers in their homes. Can we use them properly? We present some simple patents on how to use them so that they serve us well and for a long time.

1. A dishwasher every day

The dishwasher is no longer just for the selected ones. It used to be rare in households. More often you could meet her in cafes and restaurants. Considered a whim, it is increasingly the basic equipment of Polish cuisine .

However, despite its undoubted popularity, many of us make simple mistakes when using it. And although they will not cause damage, they will significantly weaken its operation and reduce the time it can serve us.

dishwasher use

2. Simple tricks to keep the dishwasher clean

One of the basic mistakes made by dishwasher owners is forgetting to clean it. It is worth using special means intended for this. If we don’t care, stone can worsen its functioning. Cleaning the filters is also an important issue. We can wash them with dishwashing liquid. Baking soda or vinegar will also be great for maintenance.

Bad smell from the dishwasher ? This is the result of rare cleaning of the device. How to avoid it In addition to regular maintenance (approximately once every 3 months), it is worth putting a container with a few tablespoons of salt into the dishwasher. Thanks to this, in the interval between washing dishes, salt will absorb sharp smells. You should also remember to remove food debris. Their accumulation can cause an unpleasant odor and bacterial growth.

3. How to use the dishwasher correctly?

Washing in the dishwasher seems trivial. However, these are just appearances. The correct positioning of dishes in the dishwasher can affect the final result. Load the dishes from the back of the dishwasher. Thanks to this it will be easier for us to arrange them. Let’s also remember that the larger they are, the lower they should be. In turn, cups and glasses should be placed higher and in such a way as to protect them from hitting each other. In contrast, cutlery should be placed in special containers with their stems down. Thanks to this, we will be sure that they will be thoroughly washed.

Unfortunately, there is a group of things that we still need to wash by hand. Placing them in the dishwasher may cause damage. What’s more, it can break the device itself. This problem group includes, among others plastic containers (unless the manufacturer indicates otherwise), cutlery with wooden elements, crystals, hand-painted dishes, as well as items made of aluminum and those that we do not use in the kitchen, e.g. tools and candlesticks.

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